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Sergeant Major Laurent Soler

The mobile Gendarmerie platoon 15/6 has been named Sergeant Major Laurent SOLER.

This was a tribute to this man, who died on duty.


Caserne Major SolerLGM

An experimental and motivated career gendarme, you were cut down on that dark night of the 22nd. December 2000. Your courageous action and determination in the face of injustice and cowardice cost you the greatest sacrifice that a man can make :

« You gave yourself : you gave your life. »

Your untypical career started with a five year engagement in the French Navy in which you were able to discover new horizons that corresponded with your nature ::

« Taste for adventures, discoveries, encounters, travels. »

At the end of this period, you decided to join the National Gendarmerie. A Corps elite and prestigious, where you pursued common objectives. As an accomplished sportsman, you rapidly integrated into the Gendarmerie Mobile light Intervention Squadron. Sport was part of yourself, you practiced American boxing, kick boxing, body-building, diving, and not to forget one of your passions : acrobatic rock. You were driven by the following qualities : self-sacrifice, availability, altruism, courage, truthfulness and loyalty. In your profession, you knew the risks, the dangers, which you bravely accepted. For these reasons, your family, your friends, those close to you, your comrades come to render the honors that are due to you. We work so that justice is done, knowing that you watch over us and protect us in our missions.

« To you, Laurent.
Goodbye, friend.
Goodbye, comrade in arms. »