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Fédération Internationale de Bâtons de Défense et Disciplines Associées
• Partner of the French National Education.
• Registered at the French Ministry of Youth and Sport.
• Professional training organization.
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The F.I.B.D./D.A (International Tonfa and Defense Stick Federation) is an organism whose goal is to achieve trainings in the security sector. Its activity spans in France an abroad, for instance in Spain, Portugal, Canada, Belgium, Italy...

Founded in 1997, the F.I.B.D/D.A is nowadays supervised by international martial arts and fighting sports specialists, as well as by security professionals. The F.I.B.D/D.A is aimed to a very varied public, made of security professionals, or members of the law enforcement, or the army.

The F.I.B.D/D.A and its instructors have the ambition to teach you high-quality techniques, as a result of a several years old experience. All these instructions are supervised by specialists, and comply with all the regulations. On request, or on our own initiative, we organize trainings in the following sectors :

  • Tonfa, telescopic stick.
  • Kubotan techniques.
  • Tactical and technical interventions.
  • Personal self-defense, Krav Maga.
  • Police kick-boxing.
  • Security audits and advice.
  • Bodyguard training course.
  • Associated disciplines (martial arts and fighting sports).

Self-defense taught by the F.I.B.D/D.A has not illegal, reactionary or violent aspect. The goal of trainings activities is to give practical answers to real situations.

For this purpose, we carried out a classification and hierarchy of the means of defense and answer. This hierarchy has benn created by degrees in use of force against dangerous, aggressive and hostile situations. Firstly, the use of natural means of defense, such as feet and fists. Secondly, the use of protection and defense materials, like tonfa and telescopic stick. The answer taught is simultaneous and in proportion with the attack, always within professional and legal ethics.

Please notice that a Krav Maga self defence section has been created recently for everyone, and for all levels.

All our trainings will allow you to get a self-defense qualification, awarding you a certificate or diploma. Moreover, the F.I.B.D/D.A provides you a continuous education, constantly kept up to date (trainings by level, instructors, trainings, week-end or whole week). We meet all your needs and requests.

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